DreamGuard Protex 3 is a protective topcoat that can be applied to just about all DreamScape products to promote extreme abrasion resistance.  DreamGuard will work well on all of the DreamScape standard vinyl products, but will NOT work on our Flash series.  In addition, caution should be used when applying DreamGuard to our Bling! or Brilliant! products as this can reduce the sparkle effect of this special effect surface.   

DreamGuard,  or a comparable liquid laminate,  is always recommended as "best practice" when producing commercial wallcovering.  Film laminates,  as often used in the digital industry,  are not recommended on Dreamscape products because film laminates require a smooth surface - most DreamScape products are textured in some manner.

In general DreamGuard will work with any vinyl surface.  Here is a list of DreamScape products and the compatibility with DreamGuard.

Fully Compatible  

Artist Canvas, Beads, Cabretta, Canvas, Caviar, Classic, Criss Cross, Luster, Matte, Mystical, Nolar, Nolar Sailcloth, Pique, Plaster, Pueblo, Ravello, Sandblast, Silk, Suede, Terralon, Terralon Regatta, Terralon Smooth

Compatible with Caution

Bling! , Brilliant! , Prisma, Satara Steel,  Satara Pearl- *coating will bond well and protect, however use caution because the coating can reduce the overall glitter effect of the sparkle particles on the surface.

Not Compatible

Silver Flash, Gold Flash, Black Flash, Copper Flash, Silver Odyssey, Deja Vu, Limelight, Rave