Proper preparation of the intended wall surface is critical to the performance of any wallcovering.  The use of a quality wallcovering primer and strippable adhesive will not only assure good bond to your wall surface,  but also greatly facilitate the removal of the printed media, as well as minimize damage to the drywall.  

When installed properly,  removal of Dreamscape from a wall should require little more then grabbing an edge and peeling back from the wall.  The bond should be tight, and will require pulling with force,   but the panel will release in one complete piece and should not damage the drywall.   Typically after removing each panel of wallcovering from the wall,  a layer of flaky dried adhesive is left behind which can be lightly sanded to remove and clean wall for future applications.

A good primer on the wall is an important part of wall preparation.   The primer allows the wallcovering to bond well, but also prevents the paste from absorbing too much into a drywall surface which could make removal difficult.   

We recommend using a brand such as Zinsser Universal Shieldz primer.    

We would NOT recommend a similar product called Zinsser Gardz as this product create a very strong seal on the wall and effectively prevents any of the moisture from the wet adhesive from passing into the drywall - this forces all of the moisture to try and escape through the wallcovering which could create bubbling or very slow curing time.

Please reference our installation instructions for further details and product recommendations.