Please see the attached document for hanging instructions and best practices.   This document is included in every roll, and DreamScape recommends that a copy be given to the installer or general contractor who is responsible for hanging the product onto a wall.  

You might also wish to review our recommendations for adhesive and primers here.  

SPECIAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION This wallcovering contains metallic particles and can conduct electricity. To avoid possible fire hazards or electric shock, wallcovering should not come in contact with or extend into electrical-outlet boxes or light-switch boxes. Turn off all electricity to the room prior to starting installation.

SPECIAL NOTE Please be aware this wallcovering may interfere with broadcast signals, such as Wi-Fi and radio reception, because of the polyester/metal layer. Tests have shown 5% or less impact on signals when the receptor is totally encased in wallcovering but the interference may vary depending upon the specific installation conditions.