In most cases where latex ink wipes off of vinyl or specialty wallcovering during installation it is because the latex ink was not fully cured during printing.  Latex inks require a specific temperature to achieve a full cure on the printed media. 

The best way to test that latex ink is fully cured at print time is to wipe a test area of the file with a damp cloth just as the media approaches room temperature. If you find evidence of ink on the cloth, we recommend you increase the cure temperature by about 2F and repeat the test. If you are set to the manufacturer's recommended settings, you should see a positive result within three cycles of temperature adjustment. 

* Newer models of the HP Latex machines have special software built in which provides an easy reference TEST PRINT, which includes a heavy dark printed area for the purpose of evaluating ink curing.  You should rub the area in the print to evaluate your ink adhesion and curing before shipping finished material to an installer.

Please reference the image below,  this is a test print from HP 310.  NOTE the box at bottom of test which reads "INK DRYING".  You should use this test print from your printer and evaluate performance.  If ink smudges,  follow our instructions at the top of this page and increase heat.

Contact us for further assistance if this test has not improved your ink curing.