Dreamscape WallWrap self adhesive products use a special microsphere adhesive that will bond properly to most paints, including the new trend of Low VOC paints.   Low VOC paints can sometimes take longer to "cure" - so we recommend allowing a minimum of 48 hours dry time prior to installing WallWrap.   As always we strongly recommend testing the wall surface first by applying a small piece of WallWrap on the wall and observing it for several days to make sure there are no problems.  

It is impossible for Dreamscape to claim that our products will work with every paint, or every wall condition.   For best results please refer to the documents listed below.

WallWrap Brilliant!, Caviar, Classic, and Ravello

Please be aware that the Caviar and Ravello products are also slip resistant and rated to function on many flooring applications.   

You can find sales and specification sheets for these products HERE.