Q: I've got a client that wants to lay wallcovering over concrete. Is there any suggested preparation before hanging a 20oz vinyl? Hanging directly to concrete doesn't sound right. 

Response: You can hang Dreamscape wall covering over concrete with the proper preparation.  Essentially you need to use a bridging liner to create a smooth surface that the wallcovering can be applied over, and a base that will absorb the adhesive for the wallcovering.   

One method to achieve this is described below:

1. Before applying the bridging liner,   you should verify that the concrete is sufficiently "cured" and that there is no moisture.  If the concrete is recently installed you should seek to verify that the water content has dried.

2. If you are sure the concrete is sufficiently "cured" you then would apply a sealer like Gardz to the concrete. 

3.  Next you should apply a bridging liner and if there are any large bumps on the liner paper you should sand and grind the bumps off.   After doing this the concrete should be smooth enough and accepting of the wallcovering.  Commercial wallcovering adhesives could be used to adhere the liner to the sealed wall.

4. Finally, after allowing time for the bridging liner to cure, ( we recommend minimum of 48 hours), now you can install the Dreamscape wallcovering on top of the secured bridging liner using one of our standard adhesive recommendations.