Wallcoverings printed with Eco solvent, mild solvent and some Latex inks can be sensitive to abrasion.  Ink that is not sufficiently cured can be particularly susceptible to abrasion issues.   To help minimize abrasions during installation, eco-solvent prints should cure about 48 hours before installation, mild solvent prints should cure about 24 hours. In the case where wall coverings will be exposed to heavy traffic or other conditions where abrasion can be a problem, we recommend application of Dreamguard Protex 3 top coat. Dreamguard increases abrasion resistance about 5 times with application of one thin coat.  

DreamGuard,  or a comparable liquid laminate,  is always recommended as "best practice" when producing commercial wallcovering.  Film laminates,  as often used in the digital industry,  are not recommended on Dreamscape products because film laminates require a smooth surface - most DreamScape products are textured in some manner.

HP Latex users can find out more specific information and instruction related to this topic HERE