DreamGuard® Protex3

Topcoat protects walls from marks, scuffs, scrapes and staining.

Ultra protection for high-traffic areas.

Matte or Satin Finish Available in:

Sample pint, 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Pail & 55 Gallon Drum

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Application Instructions by Hand:


Allow adequate time for ink to cure and/or outgas before application.

Allow at least 24 hours for adhesive to cure before application  on a newly pasted wall.

Make sure surface to be coated is free of dirt, grease, and   wallpaper paste.

DreamGuard can be applied either after printing with work lying flat or after installation on a wall or other vertical surface. Use a new, good quality low nap (1/4 inch) latex paint roller and pan. Allow DreamGuard to coat roller, roll off excess and apply with even pressure. Start at one end using an even vertical stroke to apply a thin coating of Dreamguard to a section of about 3 or 4 ft in width. Roll over area lightly to manage drips and uneven coating. Move to the next section making sure to have a one inch overlap to the previously coated area. Continue until the entire area has been covered. DO NOT apply additional Dreamguard Safe, Fast & Easy to a previously coated area. Product will appear milky white on application to aid in even coverage. Continue until finished. DreamGuard is self-leveling and will evenly coat deep textures.

Applies with roller, brush or machine     

Milky white appearance will clear and surface will be dry to the touch in about 1-2 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Allow 24 hours for DreamGuard to cure completely. Maintain good ventilation in work area.

Provides extreme scratch & abrasion resistance   For skin contact: Wash off with warm soap and water. Eye  contact; rinse with plenty of water, consult a physician immediately.

Clean up: Wash roller and pan with warm soapy water.

Non-yellowing & Crack resistant             

Coverage: Approximately 800-1200 square feet per gallon.   

Will vary with heavily textured surfaces and application method.


Technical data:

Soap & water cleanup 

 •  The addition of DreamGuard as a topcoat to class A wallcovering does not affect flame or smoke certifications and can be applied to any wall covering product.

No VOC- Safe to ship               

 •  Always test a small area of the wall first and observe before coating entire wall.

Description: DreamGuard Protex3 is an aqueous coating formulated specifically for DreamScape textured surfaces but also applicable with most other vinyl products printed with non-water sensitive inks. DreamGuard provides excellent protection against scratches and abrasion. Can be applied with a roll-to-roll liquid top coater or before or after installation with a common paint roller. DreamGuard Protex3 offers the ultimate level of protection and can be easily applied after installation using a typical paint roller. DreamGuard is VOC free, and safe for food contact. DreamGuard, when dry, can be used safely in close proximity to food, making it an outstanding solution for the food service industry. See product specifications for details.


MSDS available at DreamScapeWalls.com