Dreamscape products are not difficult to install,  with a little practice anyone can learn.  As with any trade, there are some tricks and tools that can greatly improve your results.  We recommend hiring a professional installer from the Wallcovering Installers Association.  Dreamscape is a sponsor and participates in the WIA association.   Their site can be searched by geographical territory.   When speaking to any installer,  you should ask if they are experienced with "fabric backed commercial vinyl wallcoverings".  A good installer will want to understand your space,  then should estimate your job based on total square footage or by the hour.  The installer should also be preparing your wall surface with a quality "primer" and using the right type of heavy duty vinyl wallcovering paste.  You can provide a copy of Dreamscape installation instructions and share that with your installer.  

If you need additional assistance or would like our recommendation on an installer from a particular area inside the US - please contact us

Want to learn how to install yourself?  Visit this article.