There are many good adhesives on the market that will perform well with Dreamscape.  Always choose a primer and paste that are intended for "heavy duty vinyl wallcoverings".   Keep in mind that adhesive for a lightweight paper type wallpaper product will not be strong enough for Dreamscape commercial products.   Commercial wallcovering adhesives generally come in two common forms -  CLEAR or CLAY.   Dreamscape recommends using Clear for most applications as it is easier to apply and clean.  However Clay is sometimes more suitable for difficult installs or where stronger adhesive is desired.

NOTE *Adhesives and primers should never be "cut" or "diluted" by adding water.  This is a common practice of installers who either want to increase their yield or reduce viscosity for pasting machines,  however changing the water content can adversely affect performance.

Our recommended adhesive brands are:

Roman Decorating Products -  several possible options from Roman are their Pro 880 Clear,  Pro 838.  *IF you are having difficulty holding seams or need an adhesive that is stronger with less water content,  you may also use one of Roman's Clay based adhesives such as Pro 774 or Pro 732.  Please refer to their website for more information. 

 Zinsser a Rustoleum Brand - two good options from this company.   Zinsser Plus- Shieldz Mold & Mildew Proof Commercial Wallcovering System  or  Zinsser Plus Sure Grip Heavy Duty Clear

We also make our favorite adhesive and primer available from our online store for your convenience.  

A good primer on the wall is an important part of wall preparation.   The primer allows the wallcovering to bond well, but also prevents the paste from absorbing too much into a drywall surface which could make removal difficult.   

Our recommended primer brands are:

We recommend using a brand such as Zinsser Universal Shieldz primer.    

We would NOT recommend a similar product called Zinsser Gardz as this product create a very strong seal on the wall and effectively prevents any of the moisture from the wet adhesive from passing into the drywall - this forces all of the moisture to try and escape through the wallcovering which could create bubbling or very slow curing time.

Our recommended adhesive and primer for wallcovering that is perforated / micro-perf / porous:

*these products are for special use case where the wallcovering you are installing has been perforated or is permeable and requires an adhesive and primer system that will not eliminate the perforated holes. 

Roman ECO 988 Primer

Roman ECO 888 Adhesive

For the most up to date information you should review our installation instructions here.  A copy of these instructions is also included in every roll of Dreamscape.