Experienced installers will always use a "double cut" technique for installing commercial wallcoverings.  The printer should provide additional "bleed" into the side of each panel so that the installer can overlap 1 panel onto the next and match the graphics on the wall.  Typically the overlapped area will be between 1" and 2". 

The installer uses a very sharp blade to cut through both pieces of the overlapped wallcovering.  After cutting a straight line down the wall,  the installer peels back the top layer and removes the trimmed portion,  which results in a clean match on the wall.  When done correctly,  Dreamscape seams on the wall should be nearly invisible from a normal viewing distance.  While many experienced installers will not need any special tools,  we highly recommend protecting the drywall surface underneath your wallcovering by using a seam cutting tool.   Here are two similar products we recommend that will help you understand how this tool can be used.   They allow you to set a metal plate behind the layers of wallcovering that are being cut,  essentially shielding the wall from contact with the knife.  YELLOTOOLS BODYGUARD KNIFE     or     ADVANCE SEAM BUSTER

Our full installation instructions for vinyl faced wallcoverings can be found on this page.     Instructions are also included inside the roll when you purchase.


While there are many available online,  here are a few videos that we think are helpful in visualizing the double cut techniques.

If this is your first time installing a commercial wallcovering product,  why not consider hiring a pro?  You can search for one near you here.