You have the printer,  we have the materials.  Here are some suggestions on how you can get started.

1.  Take a look at this page on our website called "Getting Started".

2.  Order some of our enticing Brochures and Dreamscape Ringsets -  it's a small, portable, sample set of most of our base materials.  Get some for your internal team so they can reference which texture to use,  or for your sales people so they can reference during presentations,  or maybe send a ringset to your best clients!  

3.  If you want to really impress,  order our Large Presentation Book.  It is a gorgeous flip book perfect for client presentations.  We can customize the cover with your company name and contact information.   Sales people love this because the large prints really show the power of custom wall graphics!    PRO TIP:  You can get all of the above sample tools at a bundle savings as part of our Starter Kit

4. Order a Trial Roll and give it try on your machines.  If you want to experiment with all of our different textures,  order the Trial Bundle pack for a price savings.  A great way to get going is to show printed samples on our materials to local designers and architects.  

5. Find the right Dreamscape Reseller in your area and ask them to send in a sales representative to talk to you about the products.     

6. Design firms love to see new ideas!  Make appointments with them.  The world is full of walls that are just looking to be updated, customized, branded, etc.  Make sure you local design firms know that you have this capability and are ready to work with them on their next project.   

7. Promote your company through our PPN ( Print Provider Network)- we put a link to your website on our page to help customers find qualified sources.