LRV test is something fairly popular in evaluating paint reflectivity.  An example of where LRV maybe requested from a job site - "Client is approving for use behind counters so LRV needed for printed material to ensure proper lighting to meet code for visibility. "

Light Reflective values are generally not associated with reporting gloss or reflectivity of wallcovering,  however Dreamscape has run this test once.   Our results on this test are far from exhaustive as it only pertains to one certain material ( Dreamscape Suede) printed with one machine ( HP Latex ink) and then top coated with a protective clear coating.    For this test the Suede material was printed with a solid green color field.  

The results of the LRV were as follows :  34.12  - spectrophotomeric analysis North Sky Daylight 6500K *

*The results are only to represent an example of what is possible with one particular situation,  light reflective values will vary depending on the base material, inks, design, and use of a topcoat.   All these factors can change the results.