Terralon, Terralon Regatta, Terralon Smooth, Nolar and Nolar Sailcloth are products that have a porous surface.  While these materials are able to pass Type II scrub and wash tests,  they are not as resistant as vinyl products to stains and dirt.  In general we do not recommend using any harsh cleaners on any of our wallcovering products.   Always start with water and mild soap detergent.  If water and soap can not remove the stain,  you may begin to try some other cleaning agents but we recommend testing in an inconspicuous area OR on a sample of the material to assure you have desired results.

To see the maintenance and cleaning instructions for any of our products,  please refer to the Installation document and look for a paragraph titled "CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF WALLCOVERING" toward the bottom of the document.   Please refer to the above linked document for the most up to date instructions.  A screen shot of that section is provided below for your convenience.