DreamScape High Performance products install identically to our standard products.  The differences in formulation and construction on these products result in NO CHANGE to how they perform on the wall or how they should be applied to the wall.   Please refer to these knowledge base articles for more information.

Adhesive and Primer recommendations.

Install procedure

On Thu, Jan 26 at 3:28 PM , DreamScape Support  wrote:
Hi Stan,

Just to add a bit of extra information onto Lisa's feedback ---  High Performance products install using the same techniques, primers, and adhesives that would be used on our traditional product line.  So for example:   if you have any experience installing our regular Suede you could use that same technique on HP Suede.  

Also there are several brands that would work in addition to the Roman Eco -888 Lisa recommended.   Other popular brands you can explore would be Zinsser and Dynamite.   There are likely several products each brand sells,  so be sure to verify that whatever you end up choosing is intended for "heavy duty vinyl wallcoverings".

Roy Ritchie Jr.
Dreamscape Support

On Thu, Jan 26 at 1:55 PM , DreamScape Support wrote:
Hello Stan and thank you for contacting DreamScape!
I am very happy to hear about your satisfaction with High Performance Suede.
We recommend using a premixed heavy duty clear adhesive such as Roman ECO-888.  It is best when used with their ECO 988 wallcovering primer.  I would not use a vinyl to vinyl adhesive.  
I am attaching installation instructions which should have accompanied the material.
Please let me know if I can further assist you.
Best regards, Lisa

Lisa Schultz
Dreamscape Support / Product Mgr

On Thu, Jan 26 at 2:12 PM , Stan.lucas  wrote: Feedback for: What is High Performance DreamScape? High Performance Suede? How is it different from regular suede?
was hoping to find information on best pastes to use. We just ordered our first roll of HP Suede and it prints marvelously so far. solves a lot of our issues but now I'm wondering what install paste(s) should be used. the backing material makes it look like we should be using a vinyl-over-vinyl paste...can you clarify?