DreamScape HighPerformance General.jpgDreamScape High Performance 3.0 Series is a premium version of our most popular original DreamScape products.  The look is the same, but enhancements specific to Latex printing systems promote a more consistent printing experience.  

While the original product is still available and should be suitable for most users,   The DreamScape High Performance Series features both formulation and construction enhancements that make it more reliable.  

DreamScape High Performance will work with Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and UV curable inkjet systems.  

We strongly encourage all Latex users to migrate to High Performance for their wallcovering needs.   Four of our most popular textures are available:  HP Suede, HP Matte, HP Mystical,  and HP Canvas.

Market Update:  1/2024 


High Performance Dreamscape media textures are currently available as: HP Suede, HP Matte, HP Mystical, and HP Canvas


What is High Performance Dreamscape? 

Primarily intended for Latex and Resin printing systems, High Performance Dreamscape media delivers superior performance with all ink systems commonly in use. Through advancements to the physical construction and innovative changes to the chemistry of the printable surface, HP Dreamscape offers extended shelf life and enhanced resistance to surface.


What are the Features and Benefits?

  • Advanced Vinyl Processing - results in improved ink receptivity and dot gain 
  • Enhanced Mechanical Stability - improved printing lay-flat 
  • Enhanced Temperature Stability – reliable ink cure, greater print uniformity across solid fields 
  • Advanced Coating technology - extends shelf life and blocks oils from reaching printable surface 


Why is High Performance Dreamscape Media important? 

  • High Performance Dreamscape is documented to improve consistency and print compatibility with Latex and Resin print systems.  
  • High Performance media resist deformation from high cure temperatures used in latex printing and maintain a flat profile through the platen. 
  • High Performance Dreamscape media utilizes an advanced coating to prevent plasticizers from migrating to the printable surface.


Will Latex users still be able to use the standard Dreamscape (non High-Performance) products

Yes, but for best results, we recommend High Performance Dreamscape media on Latex and Resin imaging                 systems