DreamScape HighPerformance General.jpg*UPDATE - 9/12/16 - We have expanded the High Performance category with 3 new embossing types.   Now in total we offer SUEDE, MYSTICAL, CANVAS, MATTE

DreamScape High Performance 3.0 Series is a premium version of our most popular original DreamScape products.  The look is the same, but for some inkjet systems it will bring improved results.   While the original product is still available and should be suitable for most users,   The DreamScape High Performance Series features both formulation and construction enhancements that make it more reliable in certain print situations. 

DreamScape High Performance will work with Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and UV curable inkjet systems.  

Advantages for Solvent and Eco-Solvent are deeper color saturation and improved dot gain.

Advantage for Latex - resists buckling under extreme heat,  and provides a more uniform acceptance of ink in large areas of solid print.  Also will show deeper color saturation and in general provides a more suitable printing surface for latex technology.