Dreamscape Textured Wallwraps provide a high performance option for wall graphics that require a self adhesive application.    When compared to most other typical self adhesive vinyls,  Dreamscape Textured Wallwraps have the following advantages:

1.  REMOVE-ABLE AND RE-POSITIONABLE.  A durable and long lasting adhesive.  Our proprietary adhesive will create a strong bond with most smooth clean surfaces, yet the microspheric chemistry of the adhesive prevents the adhesive from penetrating into dry wall and therefore minimizes the chance of damage upon removal.   

2. Thick construction,  ranging from 10-13 mils.  Compare this to most other vinyls in the 3-6 mil range we are most often more then twice as thick.  This thickness aides in making the product more durable and long lasting.   The thickness also makes the product far more easy to remove as it can be pulled off in one complete sheet without tearing or ripping like so many thin vinyls.  

3.  Our Wallwraps also come in unique textures.  These textures are not only beautiful,  but they are excellent at hiding minor wall imperfections such as bumps, or dents.  

4.  Designed for the ease of short term use,  but long lasting enough to be put on walls as a permanent solution.